Chefs together

November 14th and support NW Immigrant
Rights Project; because all people deserve
access to justice, protection from violence,
and the opportunity to stay together with
family, no matter where they were born or
how much money they have.

Local restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops,
ice-cream and sweet shops will donate 10% or
more of proceeds to NW Immigrant Rights
Project. For more information and a full list of
participants visit:

Once a month we host a family-style chef’s whim dinner and you are invited to join us. Dinners are usually 3 courses or more and reservations are highly recommended.

Cost is $45 per person and wine & beer can be ordered off the menu. Sunday Supper begins at 6PM. Bring your friends!

Call (206) 328-3155 or reserve online.

Click here to view the upcoming menus.